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Website and Server IP Changes

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to do this quick little announcement for everyone. We have recently made some changes to the the website domain name. As of now you can still use the old address we had and it will automatically redirect you to the new address. We will eventually remove this feature when we feel that enough people have recognized the new change.

New Information:
Thank you all for your support and time you have given us.

WildXL Club System

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Hello everyone.

I am proud to announce that we have added a new club system to our website for all of our players. Please feel free to create a club and add members. Hopefully this will help all of you guys keep track of all the members you have in your groups/parties.

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About WildXL Gaming

As a Friendly SMP server we aim to build a community of players who like to play in a non-hostile environment and build awesome things with each other and just have a lot of fun basically. The server is setup to offer a vanilla-based experience with the addition of several features (add-ons) to enrich the game.

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